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3d model content for poser 4, poser 5, poser 6, poser 7, poser pro, daz studio
poserworks 3d model content for poser includes: poser figures, poser cartoon characters, poser cartoon animals, poser toon models, poser toon characters, poser toons, christmas toons, christmas toon characters, poser, xmas models, xmas props,
poser cars, poser trucks, poser bikes, poser cycles, poser antiques, poser buggies, poser carriages, poser industiral vehicles, poser industrial equipment,
poser medical equipment, poser buildings. poser architecture, poser guns, poser weapons, poser military aircraft, poser planes, poser ww1 models, poser ww2, poser spaceships, poser aliens, poser robots, poser space vehicles, poser transformers, poser spacecraft,
poser furniture, poser furnishings, poser books, poser lamps, poser tv, poser plants, poser tables, poser chairs, poser bed, poser condo, poser office, poser props,
poser characters, poser figures, poser humans, poser figure, poser women, poser woman, poser people, poser men, poser man,
pposer environment, all scaled and built to work with poser default models in poser 4, poser 5, and poser 6. models also work with daz models, daz figures, and in daz studio.
enter a fantasy world of prehistoric animals, mythical creatures, underwater seascapes, or the vast reaches of space where alien life forms dwell among futuristic robots and with spaceships flying overhead, and you've entered the realm of poserworks. master modeler, tom knight, has been creating quality 3d model content for poser at
imagination works, for more than a decade. With a desire to diversify, he and his partner decided to increase their exposure and poserworks was born. for the past 3 years, the majority of iw43d's 3d model library has been converted to poser format. there are currently hundreds of poser models to choose from in almost every category imaginable.

all poserworks 3d poser models are scaled for poser with extremely efficient mesh, texture mapped, fully poseable (where applicable), joints and pivot points are set up for rotation with model parts hierarchically linked. Set limits have been imposed for accurate, realistic movement. poserworks 3d poser models are archived to automatically load into poser for pc users, however, mac users require a slightly different file set up and need to manually installed into pre-set subfolders in the poser program. a readme file with loading instructions is included in every poser model zip file.

to imagination works and poserworks credit, their client list includes 3d modeling work for disney, espn, dreamworks, general motors, procter & gamble, segasoft gaming division, discovery channel, the learning channel, and numerous ad agencies and design studios. please take a look at the quality of the
poser models on this site. if you don't find what you're looking for in stock here, contact to inquire about custom modeling prices.

our stock 3d poser model library includes all of the following 3d models at GREAT low Poser prices:
poser, aliens, androids, cyborgs, extraterrestrials, futuristic creatures, space monsters, futuristic robots, transformers, flying-crawling fighting transforming robots
poser, poser shark, poser whale, whales, sea animals, fish, crab, great white shark, hammerhead shark, tiger shark squid, stingray, humpback whale, sperm whale
poser, birds, redtail hawk, dove, rock pigeon
poser, insects, bugs, arachnids, beetle, black widow spider, golden orb spider, dragonfly, tarantula
poser carousels, poser, carousel animals, carousel horses, menagerie animals, carousel carts, carousel carver designs, bayol, dentzel, herschell, illion, looff, muller,
poser ferris wheel, poser amusement park rides, carnival attractions
poser, poser model dinosaurs, allosaurus, raptor, stegosaurus, triceratops, t-rex, velociraptor,
poser, fantasy animals, mythology creatures, poser centaur woman, dragon, pegasus, unicorn
poser 3d model mammals, bull, cow, camel, cheetah, giraffe, horses, rhino
poser, 3d model architecture, buildings, exteriors, interiors, house wares, furnishings, furniture, structures,
poser 3d model cartoons, custom cartoon characters, cow, diver, fish, people, thanksgiving turkey, santa, reindeer, sleigh, santa's toy bag, christmas scene, cartoon holiday greeting card images
poser, 3d model humans, human characters, superhero, action figures, male, female figures, historical futuristic fantasy human themes
poser 3d models sports accessories, helmets, hats, clothes, apparel, shoes, tools, eyewear, watches
poser 3d low poly models, cars, cycles, planes, dinosaurs, humans business casual uniforms sports
poser 3d model medical props & accessories, wheelchair, stethoscope, stretcher, cots, scrubs, smock
poser, 3d model musical instruments, headphones, guitars ovation, goya, fender stratocaster, strat, guitar stand, pipe organ, stradivarius, tama drum set, drum throne, cymbals
poser, vehicles, antiques, antique vehicles, horse drawn, carriages, buggies, wagons, carts, antique hearse, casket, london cab, carriage, buggy, antique coffins, buckboard wagon, gypsy cart, stagecoach,
poser bikes, masi bike, schwinn black panther, bowen, kestrel, 10-speed, bicycle, tricycle
poser, boats & yachts, cigarette speed boat), drag racing boat, nautilus submarine, subs, luna rossa, americas cup, sailing race, yacht, sailboat, power yacht, 172', 52', cabin cruiser, power yacht, 80', trawler, schooner, sailing vessel, sockeye, commercial fishing boat, zodiac, dinghy, outboard motor,
poser, 3d model cars, capri, corvette '58 convertible, pt cruisers, top fuel dragster, enzo and 360 spider ferraris, futuristic prototypes, prism, h1 humvee hummer, continental, mb slk, stretch limo, limousine,
poser, 3d model city, commercial vehicles, ambulance emergency medical transport (emt), fire truck pumper, fire engine, fire & rescue vehicles, emt, yellow cab, border patrol car, police car, taxi cab, ny state trooper, undercover detective car, cop car, squad car, fire marshall car, police cruiser, family sedan, spare tire, jack, strobe light bar
poser 3d model cycles, ninja cafe racer motorcycle, hd chopper, hd softail
poser, 3d futuristic models, spacecraft space ship models, recumbent cycle, recumbent plane, sc1 planetary land cruiser, sc1 space shuttle, sc2 space shuttle, sc3 space shuttle, ss1 star cruiser, ss3 magellan cargo spaceship, shuttle bay, tri-hull mono-wing sailboat, vtol landing gear, vtol skids,
poser, industrial vehicles, equipment, clark forkslift, hyster forkslift, electric cart, pallet jack, forklifts,
poser, military, ground vehicles, ambulance, jeep, gun, gun turret, military h1 humvee, hummer, jeep, tank, military humvee, militay truck, military humvee, usaf staff car,
poser 3d model military air, wwi planes, dr1 fokker (tri-plane), sopwith camel (bi-plane)

poser, military, air, military aircraft, fighters, ww2, wwii, viet nam, aircraft, c130 hercules, c47 dakota, military planes, bf109 messerschmitt, nakajima zero, p38 lightning,
p40 warhawk, p40 tomahawk, p51 mustang, pby-catalina,
poser, military, jets, modern, fighters, fighter jets, bombers, f14 tomcat, f22 raptor, fa40
poser, commercial planes, jets, bbj, business jet, southwest airlines, commercial jet, jetliner, cessna, private jet, gulfstream v, corporate jet, plane, airplanes, corp jet, dc3, aircraft, s6b supermariner, airplane
poser,trains, 060 switcher, 440 american, 440 english, 464 dreyfus hudson nyc, 4664 challenger (union pacific), 484 northern daylight special (so. pacific), 4884 big boy (union pacific), 48884 centipede (erie lackawanna)
poser, weapons, guns, 44 magnum, colt 45, automatic, revolver, carbine rifle, mossberg shotgun, double barrel shotgun, sub thomson machine gun, tommygun, machinegun,
hk usp, heckler koch, space rifle, space pistol, winchester, carbine, rifle, hk xm8, rifles, shotguns, m134 vulcan, minigun,

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